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Software- Construction Management Feedback

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I have seen alot of posts about systemizing construction businesses.

We have developed a comprehensive web based system for managing a construction business with the aim of growing into a mature business with a systemized approach to delivery of construction.

This system Manages: Marketing > Sales (Prospects) > Specs/ Plans / Bids > Admin / Accounting > Project Management > Scheduling > Quality Control > Job Cost

There are alot of packages out there and was wondering what was important to you all.

I got frustrated having several programs not talking to each other - needed a central database for all the staff to work from - So I could know what was going on in our business.

Let me know if you, as Contractors, want :

What is important to you in the system ?

Hosted vs On your machines?

Monthly Subscription vs Purchase ?

What would you pay vs. the amount of sales ?

Many thanks for your kind feedback,

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Just wondering what specifically you where unable to find that prompted you to develop your own comprehensive system? Most of the packages available today started from the same perspective (including ELMS).

I am well aware of what kind of investment (time and money) you must have in your system. We have asked many the same questions and our conclusion was to offer products on both the desktop and the via the web, hosted and on-site. The payment question usually provokes many different responses. I don't view the amount of payment relative to the amount of sales, but I try to answer some of the following questions:

How much is lost during the estimating process when costs are left on the table?
How many sales where lost because I did not follow up on a lead properly?
What cost savings can I have by requesting bids to more vendors and getting faster returns?
"Word of mouth" Is the project on time, project communication, professional reports and contracts.

I have found that if we answer these questions truthfully, then the cost justification is very simple.

I hope this helps, Good Luck with your project
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