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soda on dry wall

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I have 135 s.f. of paint to remove from brick in an unfinished room. They will not be repainting the brick. They have unfinished dry wall up. Should I be concerned about them painting the dry wall. Will just dusting it off be enough.
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I painted houses for the last 18 Years! half the time when I primed, the dust from the sheet rock was still in the wall.
although it makes it ruff.

I don't think the soda will effect house primer! The primer is to universal.
- just swept the walls good a time or two. :thumbsup:
Thanks Jim.
Hey Glen
Just wipe down the dust and you will be good to go, just be careful blasting the top lip of the brick, the soda will eat up the sheet rock pretty quick if you hit the wrong angle on it.
Thank you both. I did finish it today. Much of the paint was already removed so it only took about 250 lbs. The morter took a lot and it was hard to get it to look clean with out diging too much away. I was very careful with the dry wall, no problems. It rained the whole time. I had to drag everything fourty feet through two inches of mud. I charged $575. It took six hours including tapeing up plastic and clean up. I used the blaster empty to blow it all out after sweeping which worked very well. He complimented me on the good clean up. Leaveing it as you found it makes them very happy. I have 450 s.f. of stone wall to remove discoloration and some light cement. I didn't see it yet but I estimated $750 for it. I'm going Thursday. I will allow a thousand lbs for that and ask for twenty a bag over that if it needs it. Not much good weather left so I'm glad to squeez in a few more jobs if they keep coming.
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