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Soda on a Beer Bottle (aluminum)

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I've seen this done so I try'd it.
I've put some around town with my card glued to it. good feed back on doing this.
cheep advertising and the beer is good too!

Sherwin-Williams has been my biggest draw of customers.
Mybe because most painters drink?​


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I knew a gravestone blaster --He cut stencils out of a rubber sheet.

If you could get a sheet --you could blast your name and phone number onto the can too.
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thats a good idea, except for customers that belong to MADD! you should try a pop can..
The sales rep at the store asked if I could find a mountin Dew bottle instead of the beer. they have aluminum cans to, but hard to find up here in maine...

Lots of beer though................ :clap:
Am I the only one who's never seen a beer can like that? Maybe it's just been too long since I've had a beer.:laughing:
Lone framer I was thinking the same thing. I didn't know what I was looking at. Must be a northern thing.

Speaking of rubber sheets. I found you can get roofers to give you 10'x20' sheets of old roofing rubber. It's perfect to blast on over a cement floor. I cut piecec and staple it to ply wood to make jigs to hold things for my fabricator jobs too. It's mope than a hundred new. I give $25 bucks for it.
I like it! I won't have my trailer done and the rest of my equipment until next week, but I was planning on trying an aluminum can. Using it for advertising is genius. Who wouldn't take your business cards and pass them out if they were attached to some of the favorite drinks? You could maybe even use some sticky address labels to print from your computer a "sticky" business card so it stays with the can forever. Who knows, it could get passed around a lot. And then also attach a regular card so that people can file it away.

Well I'm not that rich to pass out full beer.
plus I'm diebetic so I don't drink much either, (use to in the air force)

I didn't even know about these cans till last summer, after camping with friends we were cleanin-up and I had 30 of these things, so I got the Idea to soda blast them.

They are thicker aluminum than the little soda or beer cans.
they were blasted empty

I glued a card on and gave them out to people that I new would stick them out to see. Gave them a ton of cards to pass out .

I in turn give out their cards, these are local business people that I've known for years and it helps because they know you, and trust you.

Even if your a good customer to them they will help out.

Places I have them out and got good return on:

The Battery Warehouse (sales tires and batterys
2 close by Shwerwin-Williams paint store
Coffee Cafe
local gas stations
Car paint store in town

These local Co. generate at lest 4-6 calls month some times more.
(some just call to see what soda blasting is) the more people that know the more that will come.

when I can find more of these cans (Can't find anymore, I think there limited editions or some thing?)
I'll have a party and get more!
Business wright off!!!!
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P.S: I had this can at a GO GREEN show 2 months ago and It was the biggest draw for questions.

In another post some one does a car and brings it to car shows.

same idea bigger scale!

Don't try walnut on a full can of pepsi... Not a good outcome! :no:
Did the Walnut explode the pop can? I was wondering that last night. All of that pounding on the can might create extreme pressures on the inside. Was soda able to do it on an unopened can? All of the video clips I've seen appear to be on empty cans.
You can use soda on an empty can with low psi. (to high of psi crushes the can).

I was just screwing around blasting stuff for a show that was coming up.

I thought, what would walnut do?
grab a can of soda and tryed it.

it put little holes in it, While it was full... what a mess! :clap:
Thats pretty nice!!! We got those cans here in Indiana too.
sweet peice of material, I was at the local liquor store yesterday just to look for those cans but all I found were regular 12oz cans. Energy drinks can be related to young or old and there are some heavier cans out there that are larger in size. Great idea I plan on using it.
I've been looking for the soda one's, with no luck.

But I know that Mountin Dew had some just last summer.

I wonder if it was a promotion Idea or something?
Thats a good idea with the beer bottle I blasted a coke can full it came
out good


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when you try a soda can empty, it wrinkls the aluminum.
More from the air than anything.

That looks good though....
Take it with you when you go meet people. good selling point.
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