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Social Networking

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How many of you are using social networking to communicate with your clients or advertise your businesses? Do you have a Facebook page or are you on Twitter? There doesn't seem to be a down side to free advertising to thousands of people via the world wide web. If you are not on these sites yet, you really should look into it.
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I just went through a social networking 101 (crash course) via my local chamber. I have yet to get involved but look forward to it. I have the paper work on getting started. There was a flow chart on the proper way to make all the networking sites work best for you. Seems like it was facebook, ???????, then twitter, then ??????? I will see if I can locate it and post the info.
New Tricks

I have not joined this revolution yet...I have given this very little thought as to how it could benefit my business. I would be interested if someone could explain the opportunity to me in laymans terms. I am all for "free" advertising and networking but just do not understand how this all works. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Best, gd.
Gerry I will have to find my info I received to go into further detail, but here is how I understand it.

When you sign up on face book as a business and reach out to other people (lighters) they in turn follow back to your website. You can publish informational articles and as more people read and spread the word, they return to your website. They rate your info and others in the industry find you through links and again they end up at your site. There is another networking site that works better for publishing articles (not sure of the name) but they all work in conjunction with one another. Basically you provide pertinent information and it will drive folks to your site.

I will find the "flow chart" on the networking sites and how they relate to one another.
I have a 'Fans of The Lighting Geek' page on facebook with about 100 or so members. I don't know if it has equated to new business, I am just of the belief that you need your name out there as much as possible. A customer most likely will have seen you a couple times and probably from different sources, ie: magazines, home shows, trucks signage, etc. I just throw it all into the mixing bowl. If it is free, I am all over it! After all what do you have to lose?
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