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So, Who's going to KBIS in Vegas?

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The KBIS (Kitchen Bath Industry Show) is running in conjunction with the NAHB International Builders Show in Vegas from February 4th-6th, 2014.

Who's going? I'll be there.. hotel and flight already booked. It's the first time these two shows are running simultaneously. I'm looking forward to seeing 900 vendors together.
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My wife and I will be there. I'm really surprised no one has brought this up.
I posted a month ago and you're the first to respond.... I was surprised too. I'm really looking forward to it.
Yeah the wife and I were just wondering if CT was getting together for drinks this year. I guess not.
Would love to go but it is too long a trip for me and the fam at this time and I still don't understand a trade show being in the middle of the week. :no: Don't they know we work then?
IBS is more than a home show. I agree about taking off from work. However, every year I learn something new that improves my business. Its an investment more than a cost. If you go with the mindset that you are going to learn as much as possible and soak up everything like a sponge it's a worthwhile trip. If its a vacation then you'd be better suited to go somewhere else on your schedule. Some of the most successful people in our trades are there. I make it a point to learn as what I can from them.
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Can't make a hole in the schedule. Would love to be there though.
Damn... I just missed WOC and I'll be finished up with work here tomorrow night. It's been fun working on the strip.
I planned this trip six months or more ago... if I hadn't, then I wouldn't be going because I'm booked solid, but when I buy non refundable tickets, months in advance, it "forces" me to do what I really WANTED to do in the first place.

Soooo.... I'm really looking forward to taking a little time off and seeing this show.
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I have reservations, but at this time, looking doubtful. I just got back from the WOC, so I really need to stay pass...but, if the weather goes down, may fly out anyway. Direct flight OKC to Las Vegas is only 2 hours.
Every year I say how bad I want Togo and it slips my mind till I'm already booked up or just plain out can't go
The only thing I'm NOT looking forward to is the four hours each way of flying time from the east coast.
Man... what a show...!! I spent six hours in the KBIS show Tuesday and only got half way through it, then Wednesday I spent another six hours to catch the rest of the show. Thursday, I rushed through the NAHB show because we had plans for some sight seeing, but all said, I really enjoyed the week and will definately plan to do it again.

I'm mostly kitchen and bath and I contacted enough new vedors and saw enough new products to create some additional profitability from here out.

Oh.. and I ran into this guy.....
Shoulder Event Smile Travel
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I won't miss next year if at all possible. As the weather turned out, I could have did the three days at the show and not missed a thing at home.....but oh well.
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