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So who uses a coil nailer to fasten dens/shield?

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A roofing salesman on another board is promoting roofing nailers as a quick way to fasten dens shield. I realize a lot of installers have gone to an isolation membrane but what if an installer used a roofing nailer on dens shield? . Maybe I'm all wet but I'd have to stop him. What say you?
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I did it on my house like 5 years ago and I was told it was a bad idea after I did it. But no problems yet.
It is Absolutely Okey to use roofing nails for Dens Shield. 2013 TCNA Handbook F 144-13 "fasten backer units with corrosion resistant fasteners per manufactures instructions" Dens shield installation guide has Galv Roofing nails at the top of their list.,d.b2I&cad=rja

I switched to Galvinized roofing gun from collated screws about 6 months ago and will never go back. SO MUCH FASTER. When you are installing 300+sf of backer as fast as you can, getting it fastened before the mortar starts to set is most important.
It would be nice if they made them with a ring shank for better holding power, like underlayment nails.
you have that Right. I have asked why Galv siding nails are not approved, I got something about the holding power of the head. Not sure if that is why or not.
$38.57 per 1000, wow no wonder I have never seen them.
Those are not coated though, hard to find nails these days lowes and Home Depot have cut way back on inventory. I looked for galvanized couple years ago they were on other coast of Florida due to building code .
I use roofing nails with a pneumatic nailer and have since 1999.

I do have to hand drive a lot of nails which don't go down as I like them.

What is your fear?
Simpson makes 1 3/4" ring shank stainless nails that work great for Harding siding and backer board! A bit pricey though.
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