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Is there any good system available for painting contractor? I mean from running the office, estimating,project management or procedures of running the office, answer the phone , do estimating . I am looking for something in writting, that you would show and teach your employeesthe way it works. Looking for replay.

Thank you.

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ProWallGuy said:
George, I have never seen them, only knew they had been made by a painter.
Are they as good as people say? Are they fairly adaptable to your specific ways of doing things?
They are in PDF, Publisher and Word. Yes they are adaptable.
You can change what you want or use what you want.
While working on the NAPP systems and how to make them our
systems, I realized I don't have to re-invent the wheel and Brian's
system's came handy. It is still work in progress and will be for a while.
In the end it would be nice to have systems for every function.
It's very heavy on administrative, sales and estimating procedures
(top heavy by design). You have to develop most of your own
speciffic production procedures( how to paint a ceiling, trim etc.)
I have seen your procedure for removing wallpaper. The idea is
to have one of these for every function of the company.
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