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Smith compressor

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I ran across a really nice smith 185 today for a very good price. The only problem is I think it has an electrical issue, Sometimes it will want to die unless you hold the bypass button. Is there any way to obtain a wiring diagram anywere. Would really like to figure this out

Also once i get this going I would like to connect it together with my other comp. do you just T them together or is there more to it?
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The bypass is to allow the compressor to start with low oil pressure (you may know that already). So you could have a faulty pressure sending unit or worst case low oil pressure.
as blast off said, it could be a oil pressure problem. get yourself an oil pressure gauge and a few fittings and check it before purchasing. it can become a really bad deal !
Do you mean engine oil pressure or compressor oil pressure? were would you check compressor side. Engine has perfect oil pressure.
The low oil pressure cut-off switch should be for the engine. If the engine has good oil pressure, then you may want to look at the cut-off switch.

On my compressors there is a pressure gauge on top of the hydraulic reservoir/pressure tank. It's the large round cylinder near the air compressor housing.
yep, most likely engine oil pressure cut off switch. the problem is that you will have to buy a new one to test it. sometimes they will be filled with oil/dirt and wont work properly, clean it, clean the contacts and try again. tipically it is located on the side of the engine block, fitted through an oil gallery.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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