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small shop setups

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how goes folks

im in the process of building my 10x10 shed/shop. i know its small but its more than what i have now being the backyard only on good weather days

anyhow. i have a bench that wraps around two walls right now. and im going to be scavenging some wall cabinets off the next kitchen tear out i do to store smaller tools in and such. ill be keeping infrequently used tools in bins stored under the benches and a shelf system which i can store my bins of finish gear on so i just grab and go when going to a finish job.

ill post some pics as i get them.

what does everyone else have. besides basswood who has a convention centre or something for his shop...
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Kirk, i now have a 26x30 heated shop, but i have worked in buildings of many sizes. One 10x12 i worked out of, i cut hatches on the chopbox wall so lenths over 12' could fit. G
We work out of a 7x16 enclosed cargo trailer that houses almost everything we need for most jobs.

I have a small storage shed (that I "rent" from a customer), about 10x12 where I store extra ladders, scaffolding, ladder jacks, screw jacks, any special order materials for an upcoming job, as well as misc. leftover supplies such as gun nails, joist hangers, tar paper, shingles, coil stock, etc.

I'm uncertain if I am confusing your "shop" for storage. Do you plan on working out of this shed?
Another important thing to remember, return your excess mat (when it is an option). Let the lumber yard store your mat...G
Good advice, Gene. Too little, too late as the saying goes! :w00t:
Another important thing to remember, return your excess mat (when it is an option). Let the lumber yard store your mat...G
the shed will be used for some storage, namely a few surfboards, wetsuits and a mountain bike. i built the walls at 8'6" with a 4'x4' opening in the ceiling joists with plywood across them to store the surfboards up in the ceiling along with camping gear and some extra supplies, at some point i might put a small roof coming off the sidewall to store ladders and lumber under
I rent out a storage, it's big enough to store tall ladders and all the tools I don't use very often. And worth the price, $75/month.
20 something by 20 something attached to the rear of my garage. Big double door in back for the larger finished items. Regular door in front leading to garage so I can run large stuff down the table saw or planer or shaper right in the middle thru either or both doors. Heater on the ceiling along with a lot of dust hoses and lighting. Outlets everywhere, floor, ceiling, walls. Cabinets (Old kitchen or built specific for this) along 3 walls. Lumber storage outside the shop.

Did I mention it's purple? My daughter insisted, so what's a guy to do?:thumbup:
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