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Small brick repair - cold weather

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I'm not much of a brick or mortar/tuckpointing guy, but need to replace a couple loose bricks on a step and would appreciate some help.

The mortar is a yellow sand type. With damp, cold weather today and tomorrow, (lows of 31), anything special I need to do? Based on some other net surfing, I'm figuring on a 3:1 sand/cement (no lime) mix. Am I on the right track? I've already got the old bricks and mortar chipped out, and some old matching replacements. Thanks much.

Tomorrow we'll have a high of 40, if that helps. After that we head into the 20's.
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Build a small tent and put the heater to it. Got the material up to about 70* do the repair and cover with construction blanket or hay and tarp.
Thanks. (What a headache for two measly bricks.) Did my mix sound ok?
just buy a bag of type S from home depot, the kind with the sand already in it. Heat it and cover it well.
Does that come in that yellowish tone?
You might have a lime mortar your repairing. After it gets old it looks yellowish.
Lot's of homes have the same mortar. New or old, it's the same yellow mustard color. (same as that color of builder's sand).
How old is the masonry?
1974 townhomes. I guess that's not new, but still looks clean and tight on many of the homes.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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