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The colour of the sand comes out with any mortar with age. What happens is the little bit of cement paste on the face of the joint washes out and you see mostly sand (it's 3/4's of the mix). You can add a bit of buff/light ochre to the mix, any decent masonry supply should have some (not homedepot or Lowes). Use it sparingly and some local sand. It will be close when you put it in and will get better in 20 years. A bag of type N and a pial of sand won't cost much over $10 anyway if you want to mix your own. A richer mix (1 cement:2.5 sand) is better for flat work in my opinion cause it's stronger and stickier.

If you get the material warm, and mix with hot/warm water, little to no heat should be required if you cover with an insulated tarp for 2 days after, so long as you don't go below 10F before 48 hrs
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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