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Slogans for

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I'm getting a bunch of banner ads made for These banner ads will be used for both people who want to link to our site, and advertising I pay for on other sites.

Anyways, I need some good slogans and tag lines for the banners.
Got any ideas?

These can either be slogans that just stay up on the banner and don't move... or words that flash in and out. Like, Business... Painting... More...
You get the idea.

So, what should I include on these ads?
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Not bad!

How about "where the trades meet" or something like that.
Also, one the just scrolled "Contractor Talk: Business.... Marketing.... Construction... Painting... and More."

Any other ideas?

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Last call... any other wording?
I think I've desided on "where the trades meet." Do you think of the work "TRADES" when you think of contractors?
yea, I'm paying someone to make these ads. I didn't want to pay for 5 different ads.

Thats the logic behind it anyways.
I posted a quick (and cheap) contest on I'm also paying a banner designer to come up with some as well.

Heres one from sitepoint. I'm not crazy about it but its not bad for the price
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Thanks Spectatorz!

Here's another banner... one I paid someone to design. I'm going to ask for some changes though. What do you guys think?

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Actually, I just didn't like the size of the logo. Also, I wanted to do something else with the list of trades.

I didn't think the guy was that bad. I think it makes the banner stand out more.

Anyone else?
No way... we always put flooring last :D

Here's the final banner.

<td align="center"><a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a></td>

I'm going to be adding a whole LINK TO US page in a about a week but if anyone wants to put one of these banners up and link to us I would appreciate it. :Thumbs: Just copy the red code above.

Were trying to get more people to the site and build this community.
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What do you guys think of this one?

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