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I hope someone can help. I purchased in 1998 'slate' flooring tiles from a fairly well known company based on the Welsh border for my kitchen. I have been delighted with them until now. I have cleaned them correctly and applied the sealent on a regular basis - however yesterday I noted a stone that had it's top layer peel off! The thin papery substance has left white powdery stone beneath. I know that slate is in layers - but I would have thought that if a slate had crumbled or chipped - more slate would be underneath - not a powdery stone! The company is saying that I have obviously put some acid down (!) and corroded the stone... they are to send an 'expert' to inform me what I have done wrong!
However - I would like to have the non-biased opionion of an outside stone or slate specialist. Does anyone have any ideas of an independent stone/slate institute or organisation that I may contact for their opinion?
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