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Slang and Terms for measurements.

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Just discussing this the other day with my carpenter. We were trying to think of all the terms we use, that are not exact measurements, to tell how much we need cut off of something or something adjusted. Here are somethat wet came up with:


What are some terms that you guys use?
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"RCH" seems to be heard a lot around my job sites.
We were trying to keep it clean.
Frog's hair.
@#$% hair

HELL! :censored: Just split the difference
Strong & short...

two little lines past the big middle one...:whistling:laughing::laughing:
Worked with a guy that would do big's and little's. It was a tad annoying...
What else would you expect from a Sparky....:laughing:
Plus and minus.
:D Take just a little off the line.

On recuts, the old standard "sawblade", but professionals partition that into "half a sawblade"
Cut the line off/leave the line.
I can go with "heavy" or "shy" for in between the 1/16ths, otherwise just give me the measurement.
Having said that, I did work with a guy who would sometimes say "tree apes". It was just one of those things that shouldn't be funny, but it was.
"Just blow some dust around"
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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