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Art Vandalay said:
Well I decided to skim my walls prior to painting. I have the supplies:
(let me know if you see anything missing)

14 Inch Pan
14 Inch Knife
6 Inch Knife
1/2 " Drill
USG Blue Lid Ready Mixed Joint Compound

How long should I wait before I apply the second coat of mud. Also, how long after the last coat of mud should I wait until I prime and paint? Do I need to tape off any areas? Or can I just wipe off the mud if it gets on the molding.

Here is my plan of attack:

1)TSP Wash
2) Light Sanding
3) Scraping and filling (filling is only for larger holes)
4) Skim Coat # 1
5) Light Sanding
6) Skim Coat # 2 (if necessary)
7) Light Sanding
8) Skim Coat # 3 (if necessary)
9) Sand
10) Prime
11) Sand
12) Caulk
13) Paint

Let me know if this looks good to you guys. Also, if you have any tips, tricks or techniques to make this easier or to make the finish job look even better don't hesitate to throw them my way.
Yea, I see somthing missing, wheres the beer and steaks?


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Don't use sandpaper, use drywall sanding mesh, much better.

Apply the second coat when the first is dry to the touch and the knife doesn't pick it up.

Feather coat, or last coat, skim coat, winter coat, rain coat:cheesygri ect, is ready when the roller wont drag it off the wall.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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