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Thought I'd chime in here. I talked to Emma at Big Foot on Friday because I broke my saw. She said they stopped using the Bosch motors because it wasn't built very well. I know in the past she had mentioned they were thinking of switching to the Ridgid motor.

She said they've been buying the 15amp Skil motors and they are performing much better spinning larger blades. They had to machine parts on the Bosch to keep the blade from wobbling, but they don't have to with the Skil motors.

I know that our old 13amp Skil runs the 10" blade much better than the Bosch saw Big Foot if repairing.

Bosch makes Skil same company.

As far as the best motor I have to say that Makita has the best motors. And they are made in the US. :clap:
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