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skid steer smooth drum compactor vs roller compactor performance

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Thinking of a skid steer attachment a roller compactor and wondering how they compare in performance with a small roller compactor like a Compac T40D, a 9000 pound machine with 54 inch wide drum.
What depth can the skid steer compactor attachment actually compact sand?
What compaction will a skid steer compactor attachment achieve in sand 85%?
Anyone have one of the skid steer roller compactor attachments and if so what are your thoughts on them,
are they worth it,
what is wrong with them.
Do they work with tires or only with track skid steer loaders?
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I rented a roller attachment for a project we were doing. The areas we needed to compact were pretty small, 25' X 15'. I was not impressed with the performance of the roller.

In a longer run/larger area it may have been fine, but it just did not have the smackability to do what we needed. We ended up using jumping jacks and plate compactors.

On bigger projects....I would not use one. I doubt you could get the lifts consistently. Overall, I was not impressed. :no:
I've never used one, but if you are thinking of either buying a stand alone roller vs. an attachment I would think the roller would be better hands down. You could keep grading with the skid steer and not have to screw with bucket off, roller on, roller off, bucket on in and out for hydro lines, etc... I never see those attachments around and probably a good reason like Tom said can't really beat the machine actually made to do the job.
I have a bomag 142 vibratory drum roller. It is outstanding and has met all compaction requirements on every job we have been on. We rented a vibratory drum roller attachment for our cat 299 skid. We had a large pad to prepare and the bomag was busy on another job. We returned it after 3 hours. They do not compact with enough force. Like Tom said no smack ability (love that term). I think for 2-4 inch lifts it might work but anything thicker than that it would not work. Save up and buy the real thing. Just my opinion.
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I used a roller attachment years ago on sandy material. Didn't work worth a damn. As a matter of fact we ended up burning up the motor on it. Go get a nice bomag, cat, deere, etc dirt roller and you'll be all set. They go cheap at auctions and honestly they're pretty hard to wear out.
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