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Simple "Forest Svc" style gate.

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Here's a simple pipe gate I made for a residence in Asheville, NC.

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The "B" is 1/4 inch plate painted then covered in white reflective tape with clear-coat over it. Should look good at night...
...well if it goes right it'll look nice in the day, too.

It will have a simple operator package with an intercom/keypad, a 7 day timer (to let the garbage truck in) and 2 remotes. The system runs on 12V that's fed from a surge protector/transformer setup, so even if the power goes out you have so many cycles of juice left, or at least a stand open feature during power loss.
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It took me a second to figure out what you were talking about. I was all "what the he... oh".

Yeah. I haven't run over it yet.

Well we had a great day here Friday. Myself and a helper and my step brother, who stopped by the job site on the way to pick up some tile for another job, got 3 posts(1-keypad, 2-gate post, 3 post for locking in open postition) for this gate set Friday morning. Thankfully we were able to find dirt instead of rock to set the posts in.

While we were digging holes the electrician's helper got the ditches for the low voltage wire dug way quicker than anticipated. While concrete set for the afternoon we ate lunch and picked up 50' of rail for anther job.

I dropped it off and lined up my helpers on that other job and head off to the tile store and bolt store for anchors and tile supplies. By the time we got back, in about 2 hrs, my helpers had all to the rail that was available stood up, tacked and ready to be anchored. All in all that put this job a full day ahead of schedule.

I'm sure I'll pay for this good fortune in the near future with great agony and gnashing of teeth, but for today and this weekend I'm going to savor it.

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" A day ahead of schedule" I haven't heard that phrase in so long!!

Nice work,enjoy the weekend!
Just about got 'er licked.

Here's the gate installed.

Electrician finished today.
We have to go finish up tomorrow.

Punch List.

Install operator control box.
Install 2 photo eyes.
Finish installing free exit magnetic sensor.
Install keypad/intercom system.
Install 7 day timer.
Wire system (just connect, all cable is already run)
Install warning signs and reflective tape.
Test system.
Program System.
Educate home owners.
Collect final payment.
Deposit final payment.
Collect 6 pack.
Deposit 6 pack.

Brian Leonard
Appalachian Ironworks L.L.C.
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And while we were at it...

We finished this up this morning. Passed inspection with no problems. All I have to do is go back and install shoes over the base plates, and pick up final payment.

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Brian Leonard
Appalachian Ironworks L.L.C.
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