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Simple Coffeeshop Sink

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I'm planning to start a coffee shop business at a retail space and am trying to reduce the cost of contruction at minimum. I want an advice on how to install the plumbing line from my sink to a drain (if there is one available/or whether I must make a hole on the wall) in a typical retail setting like this. Also, how do I setup a water heater if I want hot/cold water coming out of my sink faucet? I'm a complete newbie in plumbing. Thanks.
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The answer to all your questions is simple - hire a plumber...

FYI, you should check out

Yes Neo - red button pushed
Ya now...there is something about his post that makes me kind of think that it is quite possible there is a chance that he may not be in any of the construction trades!??

Maybe that I am just off-base though.

You don't tell us where you are doing this but generally, there is no such thing as an owners permit for a commercial occupancy. You are required to hire properly licensed contractors to do everything.

Screw up the plumbing in this restaurant and people may die. Screw up the electric and people may die.

Let's say no one dies or is injured but you screwed up something that shuts down the shopping center, you pay for the losses of all the businesses there.

Let's say you don't get that t&p valve on the water heater right. The resulting explosion will relieve you of all financial responsibilities but the $ will be taken out of your estate.
Sound like a professional posting to me, geez guys whats the problem!:whistling

Just remember....

In commercial--hot goes on the right. :thumbsup:
a good cup of joe sounds delish right now
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