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Simple Built-up Entry Doors

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I've been cleaning up the shop and have a bunch of pre-primed finger jointed pine stock, 3/4" x 5.5" and plenty of 1/4" solid stock and MDF rips, along with 100+ feet of rabbeted panel mold I milled on an old job.

I was thinking of making a simple entry door glueup of two of the pieces of pine with a 1/4 MDF Strip in the middle. This would allow me to run a 1/4" MDF panel in the two openings I create with the rabbet already created by having the 1/4" MDF inner strip be only 5" and hence set back in the middle by 1/2".

Any thoughts to the stability of my stiles and rail glue-ups in this scenario? I'm also concerned about the potential visibility of the seam on my strike side edge though with flat stock, glue, and enough clamps this shouldn't be a factor.

.I considered rabbeting the 3/4" pieces out 1/2" deep leaving 1/4" of the 3/4" edge. Then I could run a 1/2" x 1 1/2" piece of MDO on that face.
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I would really question the use of MDF in an exterior application.
I also don't think the glue that is used on the finger joints is suitable for outside either.
If it is your own house, it might be a good "research and development" study.
What is the worst that can happen.
I have made two exterior doors with plywood.
One is still being used 20 yrs later and still looks good.

Thanks for the reply These would be interior not exterior doors. I'm just thinking of doing something a bit different in a rental rather than the old standard 6 panel doors. Figured it'd be a fun way to use some scrap from the shop to build some nicer doors.
Do it. If you have the time and material, why not
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