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Sidewalk Meets Concrete Truck Question

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Ok...almost ready to pour addition slab. Here's a question for you experienced men. The only possible way to get a concrete truck backed up to where the new slab will go is to back over a sidewalk. Its a 4 ft sidewalk 4 inches thick. Not sure if it is rebarred or not. Probably not.

Any tricks of the trade on how to not break the sidewalk. A pump/boom truck is probably out of the question for the cost. We are talking about 8 yards of concrete.

Any idea's will be appreciated.

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Either risk driving/parking on the sidewalk or a lot of loads in a wheelbarrow!

Sorry about that...
oh crap....never ever say wheelbarrow...

a concractor told me to raise on both sides and over top with fill dirt to help take pressure off the sidewalk. will at least try that
Check the post at DIY. Fill will not disperse that type of weight unless it is quite deep and compacted.
A line pump trailer, you can rent them fairly cheap. Cheaper then a pump truck.
craigNeasttx said:
Yep, bet your right.
Teetor IS right. I guarantee it. Don't try it, it won't work.

The pump is probably cheaper than the wheel barrow labor, and it's a lot easier too. You could also jack hammer the sidewalk now, and re-pour it on the way out, after your other pour.
I like Mike's idea. You could also try spanning the sidewalk with (4) sheets of 3/4 plywood - (2) sheets stacked each side where the wheels will cross. Lay the 8 foot dimension across the sidewalk in the direction of travel. I've seen it work when the ground beneath is firm enough.
skid steer or power buggy for ease on labor intensive. We've done the dirt trick before with mixed results, been lucky more than once backing in the truck with no damage to the sidewalk, but we usually figure in replacing that section if NO other options are available, does'nt take hardly anytime to remove and replace, but if you dont own a skid steer, you can rent one cheap enough, cheaper than replacing the sidewalk anyways.

Power buggy will take more trips back and forth, but again you wont break the sidewalk.
PipeGuy said:
...I've seen it work when the ground beneath is firm enough...
You're a wise man. The load bearing capacity of the soil is more likely to be the governing factor in most cases. The sidewalk itself will usually take the weight of the truck if it has solid backing. Most of the time, it doesn't work, but I have no way to know what the soil is like on your site. You could do some experiments with your pick-up to try to get an idea, but 4 yards of concrete weighs over 16,000 lbs, plus the weight of the truck.

The driver and the concrete outfit are not going to like ruining your sidewalk, even if you sign a waiver. It makes them look bad.
Putting 12 Inches Of A-gravel Over The Sidewalk Will Work.
If you go to a line pump as suggested you'll need to pour a 6 sack pea gravel mix (for pumpability) which will cost about 8 bucks more per yard than a basic 5 sack 1" mix. I've seen pipeguy's stacked plywood idea work many times, but it's not foolproof. Tonymason's gravel trick is also used on occasion.

As a concrete supplier, I wish I had a dollar for how many times I've seen and responded to broken sidewalk claims. This is why my drivers will not cross a sidewalk (or property line) without the customer signing the delivery ticket. Our delivery ticket has damage waiver verbiage on the back.
Niner said:
As a concrete supplier, I wish I had a dollar for how many times I've seen and responded to broken sidewalk claims.
Hi Niner. Glad to see a ready-mix supplier here. Do you work in the technical / sales side of the business or the operational side - maybe both? From time to time we get a thread that could use some design mix expertise. Hope to see you around more.
Hello, Pipe. I've been in the readymix business since my high school days of driving cement mixers. Had a 15 year stint as batchman running plants and drivers, and am now a sales rep for a large supplier. I stumbled upon this website and have been enjoying reading the discussions and chuckling at the humor. I'll be glad to throw my two cents in as the need arises. Hell, I can sling it with the best of 'em.
Niner said:
...I'll be glad to throw my two cents in as the need arises...
Thank you very much. I hope that you don't mind us taking advantage of your generosity.
Welcome Niner, If you can sling it better than Bob we're in trouble. LOL

OH MY GOD! :eek: I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it that way at all! DUH! I feel so stupid. This is a classic! ROFLMAO. I can't believe I did that (I actually can read, it just doesn't always register).

Boy, I'm going to get some heat for that one...
Niner said:
...I'll be glad to throw my two cents in as the need arises...
Please allow me to start over. :eek:

We're glad to have you aboard. Your expertise is a welcome asset, and we hope that you will won't mind us taking advantage of your kindness.

Best Wishes,

P.S. LOL. I hope that you enjoy my stupidity as much as you enjoy my sarcasm.
Not to worry, Mike. I got a good chuckle out of it.

Two Cents Niner
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