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Shower units for sandblasting

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As we are on a big job right now, we need to set up a shower/ changing rooms
We have to set up temp ones because of lack of power or utility's

Plus the temp in the morning yesterday was -20

Renting a heated one might be a option but weeks out to get one ship with self contained heat

Any ideas ??
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Eagle industries rents them...
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It sounds like it's a job too far to go home each night? Why not shower at a motel?
Glen lead paint job at a mill
80,000 sqft to blast
We head home on weekends, hotel during the week.

Have to have a tent for dirty side, shower and clean area for standards all divided off.

After this job thinking of making one up out of a utility trailer be easy to do. Kind of like a camper

But right know its time press to get into one
No power or water on job
And everything ( drinking water) in the truck freezes within hours.
We have eye wash on the job and that's froze most the time lol
Sounds like you are locked onto a nice one...good luck buddy!
Ya wish me luck
Might have bit off more than I can do

The original plans was to sweep blast and paint all stuff inside, all test blasting was ok'd by national preservation, so time frame was ok

Now the guy that owns the building wants no paint and strip to bare on wood, steel brick and concrete. Doubling our time

He will loose his grant money if they don't ok it
Test blasted again to see

If it goes his way, the half of the job that's been done and cleaned will have to be done again wtf
Can you rent a camper or small motor home. Propane heat and water heater, get a large propane tank delivered to the jobsite and connect to the trailer.
I think your going to be getting a shower trailer from Eagle or the tool shed. There either in PA or Ohio. I don't think renting a camper would be a good idea as it would not have the required water filtering system on it for filtering out lead in the waste water. Plus contaminating a rented camper with lead, you would wind up buying that camper.
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