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shower floor

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I'm not sure where to ask this so I thought I'd start here.About two years ago I installed a corner fiberglass shower on a bathroom redo.We put cement on the floor pressed the styrofoam floor on it then continued on the normal install.Today while fixing a slow drain, The h/o said "Oh! By the way the floor in the shower is cracked."IT IS 2"X3" in the letter J.I would like to put either a thin tub fitter floor or membrain and tile on the floor.I really don't want to rip everything out and start over any help on finding this product? It is an :eek:Aqua glass corner shower 3 year warranty.Thanks
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If it's still under warranty, and you followed mfg specs for installation, I'd go that route first. The warranty might enable you to fix it right rather than applying a band-aid.
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