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Shot blasters

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IT's been a long time since I've used a shot blaster in the ship yard....
I'm pricing a job for a metal deck walk way, out side 7' x 260' long and it's over water.
Deck it solid plate.... Has rust and non skid flaking off..
Shot blasting I feel is the only way to get it done.

I'm going to rent, and only place is sunbelt rentals that has them.

So, I know they use them a lot for concrete floors

I need to know if anyone's used or has one
And what I'll need to use them
It say 220v for the machine but will I need to rent a diesel gen to run the driver and air vac ?
Steel shot or steel grit ( sharp) ?

Give me some Insite to help out guys
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I have used them and yes sunbelt has them. Try and locate a propane powered unit for that job. Not sure of total access in and out but with out seeing the area to enter it might be difficult to access. They usually have a dust containment all in one. It's a drive on unit. Not cheap to rent for a day either nor is the steel shot. I do however think you are in the right direction for that job.
Good luck Jim!
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