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Hi Guys...I'm very glad I found this forum, aint the internet great? :)

I'm 45 years old and have been painting nearly all my life. Learned the trade from my Dad who painted for 50 years. I've always worked for someone else, and did "sidejobs".

I got out of painting for others 5 years ago, and went to a battery plant, good money, benefits, etc..
Well I've been their for five years and now their laying off. I was caught in the net as were 300 others. I have decided to go into the painting business, this time as a owner. Just bought a van $800.00 in great shape.

My first question probably among many to come is: The van is a 85 ford conversion van with the high top. What type ladder racks do I need for this?

As my title states, I'm on a shoe string start-up so if you guys/gals know where one can get some cheap ladder racks to fit this type van please respond...I appreciate your time.
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