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Shipping container homes

Not to hijack anther thread I will start a new one.

Stathd mentioned this and I googled it. My original thought was it would look like a trailer. Wrong!!!

Your imagination is the limit on these and I am surprised I have not seen this before considering I live about an hour from Newark/NYC an pass the massive stacks often.

I have always been a fan of the industrial turned residential look and this looks like it has legs for me. In my head I am already setting up the design since I am on the 2 year plan of building a new home anyway.

This would allow, with careful planning, an option for pay as you go type build that could eventually be a mansion if you wanted it to be.

A few issues I see right off the bat
Exposed plumbing and electrical
Securing the sheetrock
Water tight between units
What type of foundation?

What do you think?

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my buddies neighbor (we live in san diego) parked a container in his front yard. He pre. plumbed and elec. behind flat stud furring and drywall, sold his house, crammed all his stuff into the container, and had it shipped to an ocean front lot in Australia. i never got to see photos of finished product, but it was a quite impressive start. by the way the containers usually have hardwood floors and as far as foundation, all they need is a level, stable pad.

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Install rough in, strapping, Closed Cell spray foam insulation, & drywall

Windows & doors - cut the holes & install some bucks for attaching them

Exterior you could install any type of veneer stone, stucco, etc... You could go with a flat roof or frame it regularly

You can make larger rooms by setting 2 side by side & breaking out the plasma cutter or...

The possibilities truthfully are endless - the only catch would be that the interior height is pretty well fixed, even though you could go up however many stories you wanted to with stairs.

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I live about 30 min from Oakland and San Francisco, a couple pretty big port towns.
These containers are for sale everywhere. We have one at the shop for overflow storage. They are nice units to say the least.

I am constantly reminded on a daily basis of the reason they are in such great abundance . That is our huge trade deficit with the entire Pacific rim.

How bad is it that we can unload a brand new container after it's maiden voyage and sell it retail for a few thousand bucks?

I don't know the numbers but it is easy to say that a significant percentage of these containers never see but one trip across the Pacific. And it's not one that heads west.

Has it become impossible to avoid the made in China stamp on the products we consume?

Just thinking aloud

But yeah they would make a good home or shop. I know a contractor that placed 2 of them parallel and about 14' apart. Spanned the entire thing with trusses and has a nice drive alley down the middle of his shop.

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An RV? Have you checked the prices of those things lately? I can't afford one. I'll stick to cardboard boxes and pup tents I find on sale.

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Buy a :censored: rv and be done with it.

you may be able to find a fire sale RV for $100K....maybe. A home is whole other story, we are talking 6-8 containers stacked and and roofed over to make for a one of a kind home. Not necessarily a dirt cheap home but less expensive in the long run.

Features that I would include:
Polished concrete as the finished flooring other than in the containers
Radiant heat in the slab
Lots of glass
Metal roofing with very little pitch
Exposed ducting using the round storm drain looking ducting
Concrete counter tops
Bold paint colors

I wonder what the twp with think about this use of material.

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if you think about it it would make an awesome home if laid out right, think of the canopy you could have in the middle of the square, all your neighbors see are the outsidewalls, but all your property is now your outdoor l/r ,

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when I worked in the film industry, all of the construction co-ordinators used these containers for the tools. Both walls were fitted out with drawers/shelving etc. with a work bench type of space built in for tool repairs etc.
At times they got a little warm in the summer, and at the end of the shift it made it pretty easy to put away the tools. Usually each tool had a spot so you could tell at a glance what tool was not yet put away.

Vancouver city is now seriously considering using the containers for low-cost housing.
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