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Shingeling a Valley

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I am currently building a garage and just started shingeling it. It has two valleys in it where it connects to the existing house-the gable end is perpindicular to the rest of the house. So when I got started running the shingles I went right through the valley about a foot or two then jumped up to the next row and did the same thing, all the way to the top. My plan was to finish this, then go start at the gable end, run those shingles to the valley and cut them with the angle of the valley. My only concern is that when I am running rows that will get cut in the valley, they are on top of the ones that I ran trough the valley. Will the areas that are doubled up be visible in the future, or should I cut the ones that I ran through the valley as soon as it start up out of the valley. I hope I didnt confuse anyone. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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I think he will be all right now.
sounds like a HO question to me. try 5 gallons of tar and a bucket of granules.
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