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Hi, This is my take on the shieldcrete
very good covering power but the coverage rate as per instructions were a mile out (they say between 200/250 sqft depending on the porosity of the substrate)all we got was about 140 sqft per gal and you don't even get a full gal. Although our garage floor had been grinded and therefore more porous. I still think there estimate is way off, btw I used 1/2 purdy colosous sleeve which I found to be just right, any shorter and you would be struggling to fill the low spots any longer and you would have trouble spreading the toffee like material.When it's drying it tends to look a bit discoloured as if you have been a bit shy with the paint but it as it dries out it becomes more uniform
Appears to be a good product but make sure when estimating you allow for more paint than it says in the enclosed instruction
Hope this helps anyone thinking of using it.
Regards David
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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