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sheet goods best way to move....

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I have a pick up with a home made slide out bed. When I have it loaded with tools I have left a bit of room to stand up sheet goods up against the tool boxes of the cap. It is a real pain to get them in and out past the barn style doors on the back of the truck.
What is the best way that you have found to move sheet goods.
This is my first post and thanks for any ideas......
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What is the best way that you have found to move sheet goods.
Bring a helper! :laughing:
Years ago when I worked out of a pickup and canopy. I also had a slideout, and I raised it up so I could slide sheets under it.

After that I went to a 1 ton van, and had slide out drawers under the floor. So when I built the shelves on the sides, I put in slots so I could put in some cross braces about 2 feet off of the floor and carried the sheets on top of the braces.
Ditto Lone's "delivery", if it's more than a couple/few pieces. One of the nicer truck setups I've seen was a homemade slide-out bed with room underneath it for a few 4x8 sheets. But depending on where you typically work, and how often you need to haul such stuff, a trailer might be your best bet.
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