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Shake Roof: Extending life and look

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I just had a wooden shake roof installed on my house. I live in Hawaii in a very dry climate. The temperature never gets below 68 or above 85, and we get a ton of sunshine. I would like to extend the life of my roof and keep the original non-faded look for as long as I can?

What is the best way to accomplish this please?
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i can answer cedar questions to help
the look of the new honey blonde cedar is great
however it is going to change from the sunlight
no product will prevent this......if it was mine i would not listen to anyone that tells you about sealers and such.....your roof will turn to a rich silver gray that blends well with any color.....and also with nature
as far as maintenance just keep it clean
if you have some leaf buildup in a valley or such just wash it with your garden hose and be can be slippery
congratulations on your new have made a great choice
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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