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Sewer Cameras

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For any of us in the Sewer Inspection Business Cameras can be a boon or a bust. we recently purchased a camera from South Coast equipment, the price was attractive and led us to the purchase of a new unit.
Since the purchase the camera has been sent back for repairs three or four times. As a matter fact the camera has more frequent flier miles than I do at this point!
If I had to do it over again I would be sure I had a demo first and the company was local!
We rely on these tools to guide our customers on making a good decision. the feed back from the supplier is canned at best. " The men abuse the cameras in the field" is a common re-rebuttal! Not the case here I assure you all of that.

Do your homework and learn from my mistake.
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Thanks tim I see you are a one time poster and I donot know if you will read this, but this is what I love about this site. I need to buy a sewer camera/ locator and did a little research and on here and south coast doesn't seem to be a good choice.
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