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Setting timbers

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Does anyone have experience setting timber frame houses? We will be building some houses with partial timber frames and i am trying to imagine the best ways to set them. Specifically setting the rafters safely. I'm just not sure how t rig the straps without them sliding down. ( I'm sure i can figure it out, i just thought I'd ask)
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Yup thats what i mean. So you wrap it around twice and then choke it and thats it? It just seems a little sketchy. I'm just nervous about setting the columns and rafters and dropping them. Thought there might be a magic soulution
griz said:
Use a Timber Hitch.
Good call. Also just realized that if I'm setting rafters, i can just screw a block to the top since it will be covered anyway. Duhh
Really!? "This sounds dangerous if you have to ask these questions" seriously? I post this to ask one question and you jump on me? I thought this site was for asking questions and sharing info between contractors. Look at my history, i'm plenty qualified. I just thought maybe a site full of contractors might have some helpful solutions
Read the first few lines of that post. But point taken. Maybe i was a little jumpy before. I'm just fricken crabby today. Stupid rain. My bad
KennMacMoragh said:
I'm not seeing your history, how much rigging experience do you have? I am sharing info, my info is to work with someone experienced in the type of rigging you are doing.
I apologize for my rudeness before. It has been a week from hell and I was just crabby. I do appreciate your concern and input. I have been lifting and setting walls, beams trusses and just about anything else on a residential site for fifteen years. Everything except post and beam rafters. I even have a "Qualified Rigging Person" certificate. We all know that those certifications don't mean you automatically know everything though. As far as working with someone more experienced than me, we might tour a current site of the builder where i could pick up some pointers. Thats as good as its gonna get.

In the end, I'll figure out a way to raise them safely. Thats if the rafters are still part of the plan by the time we start!
Now that is exactly what i am talking about. Thanks
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