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ServiceMagic Stealing My Business Name

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ServiceMagic Stealing My Business Name
I did a Google search on my business name
Service Magic, Yellow Pages and Super Pages are using my business with their businesses phone number
Is this legal?
Does anyone know what is the best approach to have these companies remove my info?
I am a member of ServiceMagic, I’m not signed up for the exact match service and I only have my account active one week a month
I am not a member of Yellow Pages
I am not a member of Super Pages
Also I see that ServiceMagic uses my info in other adds
National City
Penny Saver
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companys hijacking your companys name

Read this blog about companys stealing your companys name
Hijacking my companys name

Another good blog about hijacking
hijackers stealing my companys name

hijackers stealing my companys name
Jeez, fester. Open up and tell us how you really feel........
I worked real hard to build up my company both online and offline
I’m not letting these company’s steal my business
Here is a cool SEO site
It has free web site checking info
ServiceMagic Stealing My Business Name
Service Magic sent me an E-mail today explaining that there connection to my ads will be removed due to the cancelation of my exact leads being turned off
I was paying ServiceMagic anywhere from $75.00 to $250.00 per month for exact matches Its this program, exact matches, that was the culprit in the redirection of my business
So if you break it down in a nut shell I was paying ServiceMagic to steal my business and then reseal it back to me, WOW
The reason I canceled exact matches was that I never landed any of those leads
I would suggest to Service Magic to change there policy on exact matches
All exact matches should be prescreened and limited to two contractors
Otherwise Service magic will just push the exact matches to create more revenue
Without some kind of quality control I expect more contractors backing out of exact matches
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Hey festerized-

They're doing it to my business as well.

typed in my company's name into a google search, and poof--towards the right of the resultsd page there is a link--my company's name in blue, ...and you click it--it goes to service magic.

I've been on the phone with those pricks for several weeks, only to get excuse after excuse....I've already taken us off of the exact match program,.....already have called and spoke to people at google, but in turn they tell me I need to speak with someone in the google adwords program.........and of course there's no phone support for google ads, just email (of which I sent one a couple weeks ago and have yet to hear anything back).

Now, after reading what I've typed I'm going to call them again and let them know I'm still waiting for them to get their shiat straight.:no:
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The Power of Contractor

The Power of Contractor Talk
SM contacted me thru Contractor talks messaging service
That shows you how much respect is given to this site and its contents
I received a few more E-mails from Service magic in regards to my exact matches and the redirection of my business
Service magic has pulled my redirection as well as my 5 reviews that Service magic has posted in Goggle Mapping
Google mapping is the future and I feel it is imperative to have those reviews posted on my Google mapping
I’m trying to negotiate a happy medium with SM
What I will end up doing is setting my exact matches to the lowest limit, $75.00 and just deal with the redirection, provided my Google mapping is not tampered with
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3rd party reviews posted on Google local

5 weeks later and SM is still hi-jacking my business name.
I was able to sign up for city search and block at least one; time will tell if SM will back door my city search ad
Servicemagic hi-jacking my business name

7 weeks later and SM has my removed my listings from Google
SM is still hi-jacking my business name on MSN and Yahoo
Shawn do have to call SM on every listing or can SM get it right the first time?
Shawn I have sent you an E-mail and I’m writing up a certified letter, warning SM to stop any and all hi-jacking of my business name, enough is enough with you guys
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Posting these complaints since Nov. '09 and your still hanging with the thieves? It's getting more difficult to sympathize for you. Cut your ties and stop financing their efforts against you.

Good Luck
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I still use them, just a lot smarter now
I received 10 leads from SM in 3 weeks, 8 no good, 2 good ones
Got 7 credits and one pending, getting rid of exact match help to keep the cost down too
They will still re route the organic searches thru their website, so your company name will com up but the SM phone number will appear so they have to call SM to get to you. Dump them.
Still the same problem eh?

I have talked to other contractors who have said the same thing.

Understand, you are in the lions den with these guys, they are professionals at spinning and keeping you hooked.

If you think its worth it in the long run, so be it. Most of us want respect and honesty when we spend our money.

You will not beat them at their game, they got your CC number, then they got you.
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I have learned a lot in the past year & a 1/2 with advertising on the web, and still learning
I have for the most part know how to use SM now. My cost of doing business with SM has dramatically decreased, it’s a #’s game
Just using SM to fill in the gaps
If you are worried about your CC just call bank ask for a replacement card old one is damaged. They will replace it, it will have a different experation (sp) date. If they who ever they are don't have that the number duz them no good easy solution.
You paid service magic to promote your company. They have their tentacles in all the major search engines, and home improvement magazines, etc. Then you get mad about them doing what you paid them to do. You can't have it both ways my friend. Dance with the devil:furious:, you gonna get burned.
You paid service magic to promote your company. They have their tentacles in all the major search engines, and home improvement magazines, etc. Then you get mad about them doing what you paid them to do. You can't have it both ways my friend. Dance with the devil:furious:, you gonna get burned.
What your saying is true enough, however the sale pitch they use is they assist your marketing efforts. When they troll for fresh meat they don't tell you they will take over your marketing, gather leads from your already established efforts and then sell them to you and others.

They could be a lot more honest.

Good Luck
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