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service body for F150

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Highway Products makes this service body for the F150.... anyone have any experience with these service bodies. I rarely see service bodies on F150s but they claim this service body weighs about 650 pounds. Anyone know how much a regular 8 ft. bed weighs?

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I really like this utility bed also. The aluminum design should last along time, would love to talk to somebody who has one. I had a couple Knapheide's they were awesome this spring I am getting another utility truck.
I would need one that has a locking armored fuel door. The alum is about half the weight of steel and less likely to coorison. Lighter weight means more payload capacity. I know of none other manufactuers that make a alum chasis for the F150.
The fuel door cover shouldnt be a problem. The fuel cones are usally screwed into the face of the bed so a cover is probably made or could be made very easily.
I know Reading also offers bodies in aluminum,
My dad had a 6' Reading utility body that he transfered over to 5 chassis,
repainted for each new truck & did slight repairs, got 40 yrs out of it. He always used F100s then F150s, just added more rear leaves.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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