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So as you can see in the photos, my system is having some issues.

I'm hoping to replace the tee and box myself because money doesn't grow on trees around here.

The box was destroyed from roots growing through it (I guess) and the outlet tee is completely clogged. I'm planning on removing the tee and replacing it with PVC assuming that is possible. And putting in a new box and hooking the lines back up.

How do I remove the tee without damaging the tank? I assume there would be a gasket of some sort to seal the PVC tee to the when I install it?

Would there be a similar gasket for sealing the corrugated pipe to the distribution box?

Should I go back with a concrete box like what was there instead of one of the poly box's?

Hoping to maybe get the stuff tomorrow and work on it on saturday. Guess I'll have to find out where to get septic stuff... lol.

Wife's due in a week and we're having a home birth so I'm hoping to get all this working before then.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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