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Septic for a RV

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Need some input guys!

What would it take to put in a septic system for an RV on our property.
It would be inhabited by one person, our home is on a septic, and I know there are codes and such. I just am trying to get an idea of what is involved.
A few of the sites I looked at seemed more for larger systems. Is a leach line needed?
Off to do some more research, just wanted to go to my favorite place for info first!:thumbsup:
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You can't run it to your existing one? They do have a dumping setup that macerates it, runs it through a hose up to 50' as I recall (Hose is about the size of a garden hose)

Beyond that - if you need a new septic system, that will be state or county specific
I have an acre, the septic is about 100 feet from where I want to park RV.
I thought there were smaller versions.
How big are the holding tanks on the RV? The local portable restroom company will come out to your RV and pump it for $35. If you only need a pump out once a month that may be cheaper than putting in a septic. Are you planning on permanently parking your RV there? Temporarily?
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Someone did a 150' run it appears --- as for the septic, as I said - thats either governed by the state or locals ---- they also have temporary storage tanks that you can go empty, but thats a pain also

Bob - that is a nightmare, packing up, going someplace else, re-leveling the RV, etc...
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It is for my MIL who lives fulltime in her RV in another state and her health is failing. We want to provide a temp space for her. When she has visited for long periods, I did try to find someone to "suck it", we are too far in the boonies! Thanks for the link!
Bob - that is a nightmare, packing up, going someplace else, re-leveling the RV, etc...
Perhaps I wasn't clear. A truck comes to your RV and pumps it out for you. You do not have to move the RV. The restroom truck will come to your RV and pump it out for $35.

The local company is called Kings Throne.

They have trucks like this w/ a tank, vacuum pump, and RV adapter for the end of the hose.


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Have her eat more bran and cheese and use the gas station up the dtreet...:clap:
What is the elevation difference from the septic tank inlet to where you want to park the RV? Is the tank higher or lower and how much.

There are several ways to do this some kind of cheap compared to the expensive options.

1. You could put in a new system for the RV, that means tanks, drain field, pumps and timers if required, plus engineering and permits.

2. You could put in a grinder pump and tank, and pump it to the existing septic tank.

3. You could get a macerator pump for the RV and run a line to the existing septic tank.

The last option is what I did at my parents house for when we visit in our motorhome because their septic tank was uphill from where we park it and was the cheapest option. I buried a 1" line and tied it into the septic tank. At the RV end I ran the line into a underground valve box with lots of gravel under it to handle any spillage. There is a 1" ball valve to shut the line so that anything in the line won't run back down the hill when the hose is disconnected. The line then turns up 90 degrees and ends with a standard hose fitting thread. I have a macerator pump which mounts right on my sewer drain connection on the motorhome and then a hose which runs from that to the fitting in the valve box. Also have a switch inside the motorhome to turn the pump on and off.

Procedure when we get there is to attach the pump, hook up the hose and then open the ball valve.

Procedure when we leave is to run a lot of water into the holding tank of the motorhome to flush it out and the pump and hose. This way when you unhook the hose it won't be so messy, and to flush out the line running to the septic tank so it won't get clogged when just sitting. Then close the ball valve, unhook the hose, and the unhook the pump. Then rinse out the hose and pump.
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Perhaps I wasn't clear. A truck comes to your RV...
Ahhh I see said the blind man to the deaf mute...

Ooops - yeah I misread your post, FYI for most RV's as long as they are not taking showers or washing a lot of dishes it might last a month, but more than likely it would have to be emptied every two weeks or so
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I think you could drop a 500 gallon plastice tank in the ground and run 100' of pipe and it would work for one person no problem .
15 years ago that all we did here .
If your in the woods who would know or care.
You could drop a holding tank in the ground and just pump it once a month .
I missed it if this was said before, RV's use a chemical additive in the waste tank to prevent break-down and odor. It is this additive that you don't want in your ground septic system or it will cease functioning properly. Even if the RV is parked, if you're using the holding tank, you'll likely be using the additive for odor control.

If you're plumbing directly to the septic and certain no additive will be used, that is a different story.
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