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Our septic distribution box needs replacing.

Quoting over $2k for this (two distribution fields) for the precast solution, what are the alternatives?

Must it be dug out with a new precast installed?

Would consider doing myself aside from the possible settling factor (would tamp down b19) along with the weight of lowering the mass in-place. Though we do have a loader.

- Is it possible to shotcrete it so as to avoid the digging while keeping the pipes in place and lower the costs, maybe trowel on smooth? This regulated by code? Pipes may be harder to replace in the future though...

- What is the general expected life of the plastic models vs the concrete, in rough terms -- are they worth doing?

It seems that the pipes need to be cut and then reset, after the box is placed, since there are (2) entering the box with one plugged on the opposite side of the intake.

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