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I know there are a few web developers on these forums and I know it is against the rules to solicit business. May I suggest a separate forum where these developers/designers/seo's can post offers out of the main discussion forums?

Much like that has a separate forum where hosting companies post current server offers, employment offers etc.

I say this because I am slowly learning video production and sometimes I want to know what others in the construction business think of them. But I can't post them on the forum as I am creating them as a business.

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Just my $.02, I think it's a bad idea.

That would open up the floodgates to every Tom, Dick, and Harry looking to bilk people out of there money, and I'd be willing to bet it'd be the fastest growing section in the history of forums worldwide.

It's a contractor's forum, I don't think it fits in with the goal of the site. We should here to answer their questions, and provide some insight into models they might not know of or know how to use. Plus I think they sell advertising on the banners and stuff that doesn't have to be construction specific. Maybe look into something like that?

If you're looking for reviews of your vids, and they feature the construction field, I'm sure they wouldn't mind getting a look at one and seeing what it's all about. I know I put up a website I'd started building for a contractor to show my take on an effective website, so I'm sure it'd be cool. Talk to Kent or Framerman, whichever super ninja name he's going under. He's a cool guy/mod, and he'll let you know what's cool and what isn't.

But having a separate section for us dirty dogs to advertise in is a bad idea in my opinion.

What do I know though lol
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