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SEO Specialist for Electricians - Electrician in 2 countries
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Hey mate,

Had a look through your site and I would suggest fixing a few things, I put them in order of how much they have the potential to help SEO/Local SEO. One thing to be aware of, I don't work much with Wix, but I have for them to be a little limiting in what features you can actually edit, but most of my suggestions are pretty basic, so you should be fine.

1. Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP). This should be visible on every page, so it's easy for a customer to contact you. Typically this will go in the header and/or footer of the site. Make sure that your NAP is identical across all social platforms and your site.

2. Staying on Local SEO, I can't see any signs of a Google My Business account set up and business claimed on their listings. It's free and can significantly increase your visibility in local search.

3. For the homepage, I would typically suggest a contact form. This can increase conversion rates as it is easier for a customer to get in touch. Currently the gmail button takes a user off site, which isn't optimal. Also, you should be able to get a branded email from Wix (I think) and that will be seen as more trustworthy to a user than a gmail address.

4. Some buttons on a few pages are kind of hard to see and don't really look like buttons. The contact form on the residential page 'submit' button is just text, no border/contrast indicating that it's a button. The form on the commercial page, the button text is white, making it very hard to see. Small things, I know, but it may help reduce any frustration a user has on site.

5. If you haven't already, set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Start tracking user data so you can make decisions based on traffic, rather than speculation of what a user wants.

6. After that, well it's really hard to say. You might want to create a blog posts that help establish your site as the local authority. At the very least, set up suburb pages specifically targeting areas you want to get clients from. Make sure each page has unique content and is valuable to readers - you'll often able to get these ranking well to targeted relevancy of the search term.

7. Another popular tactic I use is to add structured data into pages (basically code that gives Google much more information on your business and website), but this can get quite technical. So I would research into this a bit and use guides/tools from Google.

8. One thing I would stay away from for now until the basic site structure and issues is dealt with is building backlinks. Kinda an unpopular opinion, but chucking links at a site isn't always the best way to rank. Please, don't ever buy cheap links, they do more harm than good in the long run.

This turned into a huge post! I had to be fairly general in some points, without knowing your specific situation, I don't want to give bad advice, but let me know if you have any questions!
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