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I've been thinking I could use a cordless collated screw gun.

I'll be working mainly with wood, not so much drywall.

I played around with the Senco DS300-24v at the lumber yard and loved it. I didn't love the price. So I went to research it online and found it was discontinued too!

well, I found a refurb for $200 + 20 s&h

the other option I am currently looking at are the Rigid version of the DS275 and the DS300-AC.

The standups seam heaver duty than the little ones (not having to bend over as much is nice too). I see myself doing plenty of work away from power outlets in the near future and don't like firing up the generator unless I'm really going to use it

...or should I just hold off and see if anything new is just around the corner. I expect to be mainly driving a plow truck this winter.
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