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Semi Custom New homes prices

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Just need little help on new construction. I just moved to Nevada. Never done a new home before but have been in the bus for 23 yrs so kinda new to this
A builder called me up for a price on two projects. One house is 1500 sq ft. 8 ceiling. The other is 2800 sq ft with 12 vaulted
I went to the 1500 and did a physical take off, measured each room and surface area and came up with a price of 2.20 per ft and will be using Sw pro 200 eggshell for the interior. No cabinet’s stairs or extras. What are you guys getting. :rolleyes: The exterior is t-111 siding with a little trim on facial and windows.
Thanks for the input
Ron Adams
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Ron, wish I could help you. In fact, your post is prompting me to put up a sticky note on the top of the forums regarding pricing jobs.

I can't/won't tell you a price, as I don't know what it takes for you to make to stay in business. If I could paint that house myself in one week, and only wanted $200 a day, then I'd say do it for $1000. But if it takes you 3 weeks, you just got screwed.

You said you did a thorough take-off, and I assume you figured your price by your production rates. If you did it this way, and took your $ by room, and divided by the room's sq ft, then your price is good. Everyones overhead is different, your speed production is different than mine, etc. etc.

Figure out how much you can do in a day, figure how much $$ you need to make in a day, times how many days to do the whole job, divide by sq ft, and that is your sq. ft. price.
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No offense but 23 years in the business and you have not figured out your daily overhead and profit needs? With all of that time invested in painting you have never painted a new house? You only paint re-paints? Its a fascia board btw- your wife gets fascials.
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