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Due to medical issues I'm getting out of the blasting business, and I'm too busy with other work I do. If you are interested send me a PM or email me from my website. The compressor is a Sullivan paltek 210CFM 100 hours on it. The blast pot is a MMLJ SB500 package. The pot holds about 6 50lb bags it will blast everything soda, glass, walnut. It has a good dryer tank with a large cooling radiator. The pot is actuated by pinch valve. Comes with 1 pallet of soda, and 1 pallet of Max strip. I'm in Phoenix, AZ. I paid full price from soda blast systems (MMLJ) in 2009. It has a brand new regulator on it, and everything works great. I paid $35999 for it you would be saving a lot of dough. The pot actually works good once you get it dialed in. I have had great results blasting newage glass media for the last 3 years. Example I blasted a VW bus with only 10 bags of media. I have 5 nozzles including a WIN nozzle for mixing water that nozzle is $600 value, and all air supplied breathing helmet i'm including everything for $25000 firm.

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