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Hello and thanks in advance for your help- searching a very long time for help on the net. I put up 2 traditional cameras in rectangular heated housings. I ran 3/4 conduit on the rear of my building that runs out and up 10 feet then splits to each camera 10 feet right and left. Each camera is tied to a junction box that has two spotlights. There is a liquid tight line from the junction box to the camera. Trying to keep it neat clean and simple, I pulled coaxial cable, 14 gauge power wire, and 18/2 wire enclosed in a protective casing through the conduit and it is tight. Inside, out of the junction box, the coaxial (to a monitor/dvr) and 18/2 (to a 24v power box) exit 2 different holes with 3/8 nm clamps and the two 14 wires continues out another hole through conduit to a timer to a breaker panel box. I also have 3 dome cameras on the side of the building that come in directly behind each base. Inside the building, the 18/2 (now) follows outside the 1/2 inch conduit for the side lights 2+ inches away and comes down the back wall to that 16 camera 24v power box with more cameras to be added inside.

I saw codes in Chicago where the 18/2 and probably the coaxial has to be at least 2 inches away from the 14 gauge power. Is this right? Also there seems to be an option to separate the 18/2 or low voltage with some sort of tubing, but not sure what it is or where to find it. I really don't want to run a separate conduit outside and with just the 14 gauge I now see i could have used 1/2 inch if i don't have the coaxial and 18/2 in there. I am thinking of pulling the coaxial out and running it in the building near the camera and putting some sort of sleeve over the 18/2 now that I would have space inside the 3/4 conduit.

The 18/2 has a protective casing enclosing wires that are covered coated and not bare but I think the code still does not allow it.

Thoughts, suggestions, help!!!!! How do you do it? Can I use blue 1/2 ent inside the 3/4 emt? If so,do they make smaller 3/8 or 1/4inch ent? Thanks!
Is this guy really an electrician?
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