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Sears Siding

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Does Anyone Know What Sears Pays Subs TO Install Vinyl Siding?
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probably not enough,who cares what they pay other people..make your own deal
Was my exact thoughts too. Sears like HD and Lowes make all the money and don't pay the subs very good I am thinking.

Doing work for them might be ok short term , but not for a long haul. :no:
it is short term. A sears contractor has work but I don't think what he is offering to install it is enough. I need a base line to negotiate. He is supplying a brake and insurance. I will go direct a soon as I get a brake and insurance
Well if it was me I would kind of figure out what you are going to need to make a living and base it off of that.

So with him providing some things are you a employee? If not need to make sure you have your business in order. And if he is just going to 1099 you that means you have to pay all of your own taxes.

Good luck
When I first started out 20 years ago I made that or more.

Ever see the movie Tin Men ? that is pretty much how Sears and those kind of places operate even today. :laughing::laughing:
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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