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Sealing decks

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I would appreciate some input on this dilemma, sealing decks with stairways.
problem is , time for sealing these things is growing short. I have to finish,but this rain is driving me nuts. So my question is ...can i seal the top of horizontals and leave the bottom to finish drying before sealing the bottoms??? The tops test ok on the moisture meter, bottoms not so much. So I was thinking:rolleyes:...why not seal the tops, this way no more rain can get thru, andb then the bottoms would continue to dry.;) whatta ya think ?
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I was under the understanding that the bottoms should never be sealed. If I am way wrong, somebody chime in. I made the mistake of doing that earlier in my career with a solid color stain, and that thing peeled SO bad. I sealed it on the 6th day with no rain and it was DRY in that summer heat. Used Cuprinol on a clean deck with stairs. Never did that again and got way better results.
My painter said he recently sealed the top and bottom of a deck at the request of a homeowner and now it has peeled after just one year.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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