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I had a client call me about closing in her concrete carport to make a game/party room. The first thing she said was that the floor sweats when it rains and it's really slick. Ok, that tells me that there's no moisture barrier under the concrete and yes, it is really smooth and I can see where it would be slick when wet.

Here are some more facts about the project. It's a two car carport, open on two sides, framed roof with a 4/12 with asphalt shingles and supported by steel posts. When looking into the carport from the driveway, it has a slope toward the driveway and left toward the house... not sure how much, but slight. In the back of the carport is a closet big enough for a freezer, water heater and storage for her ping pong table (a pretty nice one) which she folds up and puts away after use.

First question.... How do I combat the sweating and the slick floor? Paint? Stain? Will Red Gard keep out the sweating? What kind of prep needs to be done? What product will ABSOLUTELY not work?

Second question... She wants to install four sliding glass doors and lots of windows so she can open up the room to the outdoors during the spring and fall, but I told here that was out of the question because of the slope. Sliding doors don't like being installed at an angle. I've suggested allowing me to install a framework of treated lumber sitting directly on the concrete to level the floor, with treated plywood, then a moisture barrier and she could pretty much use any floor she chooses. Bamboo was suggested. She would just have a little step down to the driveway. Should the concrete be sealed if we go this route to prevent a problem with moisture collecting under the floor?

I'm most likely not gonna take this job because she wants it done pretty soon and I'm booked through May, but she's a good friend and I don't want somebody else to leave her with a problem.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Tell me all the options you think could work. I could get pictures if you need them.
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