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seal/wax VCT

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Floor pros I have a question; I have an 8 screen movie theater we are renovating. After the VCT was installed I wanted to seal the floor before
we installed 1000 movie seats but due to budget the movie chain eliminated sealing to save money along with many other items. Of course
now that we are in the 11th hour they want to strip/seal and wax the VCT
Here is my question; do I need to strip new tile? A buffer will not fit between the seats what are my options? TIA
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You don't need to strip new tiles, but i would put some water on it and light scrub the tiles with buffer before applying wax on them. Because of the seats (tight space), if tiles look clean, a good wash and than wax is more then sufficient.
You don't need to strip off the finish of a new Armstrong VCT. Their factory finish is compatible with any finish they THEY recommend. I don't know for sure but I expect this is true of all the other major brands. Normally, you as least buff the new tile to get a better bond but in your case that doesn't sound feasible. Clean it up the best you can and then apply it a carefully as possible. You're obviously not going to be able to shine it up with a polisher unless you get a hand held unit and crawl up under there.
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