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I started out with a dewalt corded gun - except for the short cord I was pretty happy with it as it kept going and going.

I wanted to go collated so looked into the quick-drive system and compared it to makita and hilti. I would have tried the makita but it looked like the nose wouldn't come off if you needed to back out a screw. I chose to go with a corded hilti because the screws were cheaper, the strips held more screws, and the system got good reviews on this forum(slightly better than Makita). I might have gone cordless too but neither Hilti or Makita make a cordless router to accompany their cordless guns.

I've got the SD4500 with 50ft cord and the SMD57 attachment. Overall I find the gun very light weight compared to my dewalt and the collated system works well enough if you keep an eye on the depth. You can't beat it on ceilings! I use the one gun for screwing off sheets and also have two dewalt cordless guns and two cordless routers(1/4",and 1/8" bits), that way there's only one cord to worry about. I might have gone hilti cordless as well but they don't make routers and dewalt just has two many other wonderful tools compatible with their batteries. I wish the SMD57 fit my dewalt cordless guns though.

Hey TonyM, wouldn't it be great if hilti made a cordless router and you could run it and your SF4000 off the same belt-clipped battery!

Check this vid of guys holstering both a gun and a router tied to one extension cord in the back. Pretty cool. Anyone know how/where they rewired their cords like that?

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