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Scratched the chrome...

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Hello again!

While digging with the backhoe the other day, one darn piece of rock tumbled back too close and scratched the rod of a boom swing cylinder.
The scratch is about 2'' long x 1/4'' wide, and it rusts so the chrome is off.

Is there anything that I can use to repair that scratch before it starts damaging the hydraulic seal?
Can I just polish it with steel wool then ignore it?
Do I need to remove the whole cylinder and take it to a shop?

Oh, and by the way, yeah, I'm a lousy operator....:rolleyes:
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From my experience, you're going to have trouble with that cylinder leaking if you don't replace the rod. And if you used it any at all after it was scratched it more than likely nicked the seal.
Of course the proper thing to do would be to remove, & have it rechromed/ground.

If your looking for a short term fix, I'd use a die grinder (or Dremel) to remove any burs on the chrome. Do not remove anything more than the chrome layer. Then clean with acetone. Then heat to maybe 250' or so, & apply a thin coat of JB weld. Use the slow set type, as it will be stronger than the fast set types. The heat will thin the JB to a paint like consistancy, aid the bond, & help it level. It would be benificial if the spot were in a level position so as to level better. After curing you'll need to gently shape in the JB Weld to a smoothe shape with a flat file, & then polish out with fine sand paper.

Again, I would recomend removing & having it rechromed as a first choice.
Thanks, guys!

I'm going to call my local hydro shop and ask how much for the repair.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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