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School me on Trade Shows

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So I was just recently thumbing through "TILE MAGAZINE" and came across a full page add for "Coverings" that is having a show this year in Las Vegas April 29 - May 2nd. Then there is another show that I found info on call "Surfaces" of those two which one is better or should i say more worth my time.

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out of those 2, I would say Coverings is the better of the 2 for Contractors..Surfaces is more geared to carpet,vinyl ,and dealers.
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I'm starting to get confused on the two, though I do agree coverings is better for tile/stone.
I think their starting to battle, now they are doing one on the east coast.
Coverings use to be in Miami but started different states and settled in Vegas.
Surfaces has tile as well but covers all flooring.
World of concrete is one week prior to surfaces which is a great show as well.
Sign up for both, they'll send you info on seminars they're having and you can decide which best suits your interest.
I don't think you'll be satisfied just going to one, it's just the beginning, I try to go at least once every two-3 yrs. part of a so called Vacation.
Mike, they flip flop on locations each year. it's held frequently now in Orlando.
then jumps around, Atlanta last year, Vegas 2011, Chicago 2009, Orlando 20008, 2010 & 2012, Vegas next year (2014).

I dont want to see anything about wood or vinyl, or even concrete.
Coverings is where it's at for tile, marble, glass, tools shows.
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